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Veterans section

Pennard has a thriving Veterans section.

The Vets’ committee consists of:

Jim Loft                     Captain

Colin Hogg               Vice Captain
Wyn Rees                 Treasurer
Norman Barnes        Secretary
Gordon Davies         Competition Secretary

Glyn Phillips             Diddley Coordinator

Brian Davies              Immediate Past Captain

The Vets’ section is run for members of Pennard golf club over the age of 55. We currently have approximately 140 members of the section with an age range from 55 to 87.

The Vets’ organise a number of internal competitions including winter and summer knockouts, winter leagues, (4 ball better ball) and eclectic competitions. Also, every Thursday, the Vets organise a diddley which is primarily for the Vets section. However, visitors and other (younger) members are always welcome to participate.

As well as internal competitions, a number of external matches are played against vets’ sections of other clubs. These matches are competed for on a home and away basis. A cup is awarded for the aggregate winner of each competition against each club. Pennard vets typically play matches against a total of ten other clubs. The vets also have an annual competition against the Ladies’ section of Pennard golf club.

Once a year, an away day is organised where, typically in excess of 40 members of the Vets’ section play. 

In summary, we are a thriving, active and very friendly part of the club.

In this Section

Vets Captain v Vice Captain  October 2018