Essential maintenance ongoing, please remember your divot bag, rake bunkers and repair pitchmarks, for further information call the Pro shop 01792 233451
Dress Code

Members, Guests and Visitors are reminded that a reasonable standard of dress is required at all times, as it is not only a matter of personal preference but shows respect for others.

There is a relaxed dress code in the clubhouse but the following are not permitted on the course: denims, football/rugby tops and cargo trousers /shorts. Shorts to be tailored with belt loops. Sport socks predominantly white, with shorts. Turtle neck golf shirts allowed.

All shirts to be tucked in. Caps must not be worn in the clubhouse.

Visitors should have handicap certificates and be members of recognised clubs. If this is not the case, please let us know in advance.

Normal golf etiquette is expected with divots and pitch marks being repaired and bunkers left raked.     

 Update June 2019

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