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Posted on 23/12/2015

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Course Introduction

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Course Introduction

Take a look at the course and views at Pennard Golf Club, the links in the sky...


Quote by James W. Finegan "Only two or three times in a lifelong

 pursuit of the best golf this world has to offer, will an unknown

 course surface that is so superlative it would compel us not simply

 to cross an ocean but, if necessary to circumnavigate the globe.

 Such a course is PENNARD."

Pennard is a magnificent links course situated 8 miles west of Swansea, with spectacular views over Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower Peninsula, designated the UK's first area of outstanding natural beauty. Golf has been played at Pennard since 1896, although the course owes most of its appeal today first to James Braid and then to C.K. Cotton. The holes are routed over classically undulating and tumbling linksland, full of hummocks, hillocks and hollows with dunes large and small and carefully placed revetted bunkers, exactly what we might hope to find beside the shore, yet this exceptional terrain is not beside the shore – it is 200 feet above sea level. No wonder Pennard is known as "the links in the sky".